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Post by WyldeMan on 2/4/2019, 9:17 am

@joey con carne wrote:I have never heard of Velvet Buzzsaw. Googled and see it's the new J. Gyllenhaal film. I'll have to check this out.

It's like Gllenhaal has entered the Gosling or Gordon-Levitt phase of his career where he only makes really weird arthouse movies that polarize audiences. It reminds me a lot of the trajectory in which Gosling and Gordon-Levitt took and now Gyllenhaal too is all wrapped up in either moody psychedelic art house or boring as fuck biopics and I find myself avoiding pretty much everything he's putting out now which is a real shame cause he's quite talented. However, given that next up he's entering the world of Spider-Man, I feel like maybe in a few more years I might be able to catch back up with his career but it's going to be a long wait and he's going to make a lot more bullshit I don't care about until then.


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