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Jay & Silent Bob Reboot

Has Kevin mentioned the casting of Chris Jericho in this flick? I came across this on Jericho's feed.

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Well that’s a wrap! To say it’s an honor and a bucket list event to be a part of the hilarious new @jayandsilentbob flick #JayAndSilentBobReboot would be the underestimate of a lifetime! Thx to @thatkevinsmith & @jordanmonsanto for casting me in 2 AMAZING parts in 2 different movies in less than 7 months, (and dousing me in 2 separate disgusting substances in each) and for finally assembling the #Y2JayAndSilentBob lineup I’ve been dreaming about since I rented #Mallrats at #BlockbusterVideo 24 years ago! (Plus @jasonmewes was even cooler than i knew he would be! Btw...Did I win #FiveDollarFriday, Mewes??) #CanYouDigIt #HaterTots

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by WyldeMan
on 3/10/2019, 7:06 am
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