Tour de Pharmacy (Samberg / Cena / Bacon / Goldblum / Forte) (July 8 @ HBO)

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Tour de Pharmacy (Samberg / Cena / Bacon / Goldblum / Forte) (July 8 @ HBO)

Post by WyldeMan on 21/05/17, 01:03 am

This summer, Andy Samberg is trading in his police badge for a very tight pair of biking shorts.

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star is headlining a new HBO mockumentary special, Tour de Pharmacy, set in the cutthroat world of competitive cycling. HBO just announced a premiere date for Pharmacy — Saturday, July 8 at 10/9c — and a new trailer, posted below, promises plenty of laughs… and even more stars.

The grainy video action takes place at the 1982 Tour de France, where just about every cyclist is doped up on performance-enhancing drugs. As a French-sounding Orlando Bloom complains, “How do you beat a man on drugs if you’re not on drugs?” (Which is basically an admission that he’s on drugs, too.)

And you might feel like you’re on drugs when you see Pharmacy‘s star-studded cast list, which includes (deep breath): Freddie Highmore, sporting a hilarious pencil-thin mustache; Daveed Diggs; John Cena; Jeff Goldblum; Danny Glover; Maya Rudolph; Will Forte; Kevin Bacon; Dolph Lundgren (!)… and real-life cyclist Lance Armstrong, who offers his own top-secret testimony on the sport’s doping problem. (Well, at least he thinks it’s top-secret.)

Pharmacy is written by Murray Miller (Girls) and directed by Jake Syzmanski (SNL) — the same team behind Samberg’s 2015 tennis mockumentary 7 Days in Hell.

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