New Anti-Piracy PSA's are on the way.

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New Anti-Piracy PSA's are on the way.

Post by GrooThePerverted on 12/14/2014, 1:17 pm


Don’t Be An Asshole

Another PSA campaign, surprisingly titled “Don’t Be An Asshole”, features big name stars filmed on the sets of big movies. We’ve read all the early scripts (featuring everyone from Sandra Bullock to Morgan Freeman) and not only are they pretty funny but they might even turn into a campaign people won’t actually hate. Better than that, they’re a parody goldmine.

The premise is simple – if you download movies illegally, you’re an asshole. While the title of the campaign gives that away, the content of the scripts is nothing short of a huge surprise.

One PSA, set to be filmed on the set of Ted 2, features Mark Wahlberg and Ted (Seth MacFarlane) sitting together chatting on a couch.


MARK: “Hey, buddy. Have you ever done anything, like, illegal. You
know…illegal illegal?”

TED: “Oh, ya man. Tons of stuff.”

MARK: “Like what?”

TED: “Alright, uh, top of my head…I once paid two prostitutes to have a boob
fight. Does that count?”

MARK: “That sounds awesome. One time I pooped in the deep fryer at a Doug’s Sr.”

TED: “I kicked a nine year old in the nuts. No reason. And not when I was
younger either, this was like, Tuesday.”

MARK: “One time I punched a blind guy in the face, cause I knew he couldn’t
identify me.”

TED: “I had sex with a Grifford the Dog doll…that was not consensual”

MARK: “I’m guilty of that one, too.”

TED: “I posted those naked pictures of your ex without her permission.”

MARK: “I took ‘em without her permission.”

TED: “Wow. We’ve both done some pretty messed up things.”

– The laughter dies down, but Mark has one last question.

MARK: “Ya. Hey, have you ever illegally downloaded a movie?”

- The tone in the room shifts immediately. Ted is clearly upset by this.

TED: “What? No. I’m not an asshole.”



As made clear by the above, this is no ordinary anti-piracy campaign and the scripts we’ve seen reveal there are plenty more surprises where these came from.

We won’t spoil the fun but I for one simply cannot wait to see Morgan Freeman captured on film reciting the lines set down for him in one script….

MORGAN: “If you illegally download movies off of the Internet, you have a tiny, useless penis, and you should be embarrassed to be alive.”

No, really……

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Re: New Anti-Piracy PSA's are on the way.

Post by detective392 on 12/14/2014, 1:31 pm

Nothing against Ted as I loved the first movie and can't wait for the 2nd. I just find it funny how they act like illegal movie downloads are worse than most other crimes like murder or rape. Not just from this Ted thing but from a lot of other articles and people's reactions. Reminds me of this Simpsons gif.


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